Looking to energize your new office with design that endures? Seeking an exciting workplace with the flexibility to help your business grow?

Small businesses require spaces and furniture that serve a variety of functional needs. Learn how Supreme can support teams of 8, 80 or 800, serving your company as it grows. Whether you need cost effective workstations, ergonomic seating or technology support, our products line-up is ready to meet your business needs.

Open Plan

Small businesses often inhabit open spaces that must serve a variety of functional needs. Supreme systems are equally capable of supporting teams of 8, 80 and 800, and can expand when your company goes from the former to the latter.

Across companies of all sizes, the physical landscape of today’s workplace is transforming to support changing demographics, evolving technologies and an ongoing shift to “distributed work” that combines personal focus with group collaboration.

Supreme offers an unmatched range of systems products, work chairs, multipurpose seating, and accessories for open plan environments – all with a proven commitment to sustainability and the client-focused planning approach.

Private Offices

In small offices, where is space is of a premium and conference rooms don’t always exist, it’s important that private offices support not just individuals, but can be the site of focused collaboration.

With smaller footprints, private offices have a higher need for efficiency and performance. Through combining functional and technology support needs with innovative aesthetic forms, our private office portfolio delivers the refined, performing spaces that both support and inspire work.

The depth of Supreme offerings for the private office ensures the right look, arrangement, and price can be met for any private office needs.

Activity Spaces

In today’s world, work takes place everywhere. Enabled by technology, work is no longer tethered to individual workspaces.

Organizations of all sizes are becoming more open and collaborative to better foster innovation and productivity, especially small businesses where teamwork is critical and hierarchy is less apparent. New generations of employees in particular are embracing these changes, creating a more social, diverse workplace of tomorrow.

Supreme offers numerous product solutions that may be combined in infinite ways to furnish Activity Spaces, offering refuge for one or two, enclaves for three or four, and team meeting spaces, assembly, and community spaces for larger numbers – all that encourage collaboration and enhance productivity.